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Life as we know it...

This world is crazy. It can be the most beautiful of places as well as the cruellest of them all. Even in the smallest corners of the world where we reside, we forget how much is out there to discover. Every problem we face is so large to us however, in the grand scheme of things, they are so minor.

Each of us at some stage in our lives have experienced a wrongdoing in this world, in whatever way that may be, and it tends to leave us with a horrible glaze over what this world really has to offer. Living in my tiny hometown, I seem to forget just how excited I should be for my future and all the opportunities I would have if I stopped taking life too seriously. Recently I have realised just how short life is and how fast everything can change. There is so much to be happy about and even when your days feel dull, you are destined for something great. In this world, there are 195 countries and almost 8 billion people here. Are we oblivious to the fact that outside of our area, there is so much more we have not seen yet? We let ourselves get so wrapped up in things we will not remember after a while. We hold grudges and for what? Of course, there are a lot of reasons to be bitter, sad, or sarcastic about life but there is positivity in holding on to the reasons why it is so beautiful.

We are so fortunate to be here, in our own little bubbles making memories within a larger bubble of so many others who are experiencing life as well, right as we speak. You are surrounded by people who love and support you no matter what, even when you feel empty, keep your heart full of those that make you happiest. Have the upmost confidence in yourself inside and out. When you have confidence, you have fun and when you have fun, you can do amazing things. We are all here for a reason. You will get that house, that car and the life you dream of but do not lose sight of the now because when the future comes, you will wish you made the most of all you once had. Especially the hairs that were not grey lol! I look at the world around me and I recognise just how many people let life pass them by, I wonder if they also think about how lucky we all are!

Now I spend more time with my friends and family than I do analysing myself in the mirror and picking out every flaw I have. I have learnt to work with things I can control, my life being one of them. When I am old and frail, I will not remember the spot I had on my chin or the boy problems I had, I will always remember just how well I had lived my life and I think that is delightful. We might not know exactly how long we have, but we know each day that we keep going until then with no regrets. Everything is just for a while; nothing is ever forever so live and love with those precious moments in mind.

Look beyond today and you will find so much hidden right beneath your eyes.

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