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My Birthday Wishes <3

It’s my first blog of 2024 and what better time to do it, than my birthday month! <3

In a few weeks, I turn the scary age of twenty-two, it only feels like yesterday I was passed out drunk in my nan’s bathroom, literally obliterated at my eighteenth surprise party. Don’t even make me relive it, I’m mortified haha! I’ve been so excited for my birthday this year, I’ve got a good feeling about becoming older, there are so many things I want to achieve this year and twenty-two is a good time to start :)


In celebration of my birthday, I’ve made a list of five birthday wishes (bit greedy i know lol). Last weekend I compiled a list of things I want to do before February next year, kind of like a bucket list if you will and I’ve promised myself I will complete it. These wishes have been carefully thought out and will hopefully benefit me long term on my journey of becoming the best version of myself. I’m 80% of the way there, I just need a little push haha. So here are the crazy wishes I’ve picked, God willing I hope they happen and maybe they will inspire you to hold yourself accountable this year. Live your life less work, more fun :)

birthday vibes xxxx


Wish Number One – Stop worrying about other people <3


I am the most empathetic person. Genuinely, you could do me so dirty but, the idea of me calling you out on it and potentially upsetting you, eats me up inside. You will never catch me in confrontation, and everybody tells me I’m a pushover. I mean it’s up for debate, maybe i do need to acquire a backbone from somewhere haha. My wish this year is to stick up for myself and hold other people responsible for their actions. I used to live by some things are better left unsaid but, jesus the past few months, my brain has reached full capacity of the things I would love to say to people. It’s important to still be the bigger person but, also respecting your boundaries and not bringing people into your space when they don’t serve you a purpose. This applies for every aspect of life whether that’s in your job or just in general. This year I will protect myself more, maybe throw a few swear words in there if I’m feeling brave hahaha :)


Wish Number Two – Do whatever makes me happy!


Sometimes I care way too much about the opinions of others, to the point where if I’m in a situation that brings me nothing but happiness, I will still worry about what other people will say. Do you know how crazy that is???? I’ve missed out on so much potential just because I’m worried about what Lucy from down the road, who I’ve never met before in my life will say about it. I need to grow up lol! It’s so important to surround yourself with everything and anything that brings out the best side of you, whether that be a new business venture or a new relationship, in the long run, who cares? The gossip now will end up old news when something else comes up and the reasons you didn’t pursue something won’t mater anymore. My goal this year is to pursue all the ideas I have in my little brain; I could be a millionaire by now the number of ventures I think about on the daily. Watch this space haha!


Wish Number Three – Be confident and love myself whole-heartedly


My personal growth over the past six months has been unreal. I have worked so hard on myself, to become a Chloe that I’m proud of. Before I was a shell of myself always anxious and shy, now I can walk into a room unphased and transform into a social butterfly haha! I don’t know how I’ve done it but, thank God I have <3. I can honestly say I do love myself, not just in the way I look or the way I portray myself, I love the little things. This is so important, and I hope you all think highly of yourself, sometimes compare yourself to Beyonce… it is the most delulu idea ever but, it works for the most part haha! This year I want to make new friends, experience new things, and continue the journey of figuring out what it is that makes me happy. That might be a new haircut or drinking cocktails by the beach, nobody is going to have you like you do for yourself so remember that next time a bum boy is testing your patience ;)


Wish Number Four – Take the risk!


When I was younger and the teacher would ask me what my dream job would be in the future, I would always say an Author. I was writing complete three hundred page stories at the age of seven haha! The number of stories on my laptop is crazy…I write all the time. I’ve had my blog for four years next month and honestly, she has fulfilled a part of my life I didn’t even know I had. It’s a taster of being a writer and I do hope you’ve all enjoyed my emotional journey so far. From writing about the situationship causing me grief to going through my first break up, we’ve really been through it all together <3 This year I will get a book published, it will be the best romance book you’ve ever read, and it will be the book you buy at the airport for your holiday on a whim. God willing with hard work included, it will happen this year. It’s a risk I am more than willing to take haha. Catch me next year in my countryside house, writing books in my office with glass windows and the beach right outside… delulu or what haha :)


Wish Number Five – Let yourself find someone <3


There is never going to be a right time for a relationship or to start getting to know someone new. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never going to be easy, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will be your person however, the more open minded you are, the right one will come along when you don’t expect it. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s extremely silly to push someone away because you’re scared or nervous it won’t work. Life is way too short to worry about timelines or the future before it has even happened. I am the biggest lover girl in the world, to the point where I see random people in new relationships being treated right and my heart feels full. I love love and I haven’t let a crappy breakup ruin my depiction of what love really can be. I am a one of one girl; I need to find another me haha! It’s not my time yet but, I am so so happy being on my own and enjoying my prime years haha! The idea this year is to not shut things off just because, sometimes it pays to be curious and pursue things. For now, I’ve got my girls and they’re lover girls too so it’s nice to third wheel, thanks Gabs & Jake xxxx


That’s my list of wishes concluded, next year I will review them, and we can all laugh at just how terrible I’ve done lol :( Turning twenty-two is looking very positive and it’s almost like a refresh for me. A whole new person, new hair, new body (thanks Pilates) and single <3


I’m so excited for this year and the blogs I have coming, four years of my baby and it’s only getting started. Might even throw her a birthday party haha.


Well happy early birthday to me, a true Aquarius girlie xxxx

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