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A message for us in Lockdown💕

Being in Lockdown surrounded by your bed and endless amounts of your favourite snacks is very dangerous LOL :) It is so easy to loose your normal routine when you could easily just rewatch every series on Netflix from the comfort of your bedroom!

I cannot tell you how many mornings I’ve ate at least 4 chocolate pancakes with no regrets. Even before lockdown, I could eat McDonald’s 5 times a week and then I would get home and clear out the cupboards (sorry Tom :) !) Anyone who tells you they feel sad or crappy after they’ve eaten a lot of junk food are deffo lying, imagine feeling sad after successfully demolishing the whole tube of Pringles LOL! That’s a skill you could put on your CV!

Lockdown has given all of us a lot more time than we would usually have to look at our body image and to overthink like crazy. Our features become so familiar to us, the tiniest bit of fat could make us go crazy. It’s so easy to get into that mindset where your unhappy with the way you look, a lot of my friends have been having emotional breakdowns over how much weight has migrated to their thighs! Girls you are rocking it! A bit of fat never hurt anybody! If you’ve got it, flaunt it and if you don’t got it, still flaunt it! Who are we to judge? If you've put weight on or lost weight, we are all in the same boat, feeling the same things and we should all learn to support each other.

I’ve learnt recently that the moment you project positivity into your life, the more you start to be happier with your self image and the lifestyle your living; it’s the very moment your confidence grows and you forget about all the little things that were bothering you before. With most of us being home from work, school or college, it’s completely ruined our usual day to day routine. I know a lot of us are finding it hard being away from our friends and family, some of us are living alone so haven’t got anyone to spend time with and some of us are going through things mentally that are bringing our moods down. A lot of us are unsure about the future which for me is very difficult, as I hate being in the dark about things and I don’t like the unknown! We are all doing so well and we’re going to come out stronger when this is all over. Think of happier days and good memories to help you keep pushing yourself :) My messages are always open to anyone who wants to talk, we’re all friends.

We all have our insecurities, mine being my huge nose LOL! For years I’ve wanted to rip it off my face but now more than ever, I’ve started to be grateful that I’m healthy and alive (which is extreme I know but in our current situation, that is our reality!) my nose will not change so I’ve learnt to love it! Now we’re besties after a bit of contour ahahaha!

My Nan always calls it ‘happy weight’ when she thinks she’s put on extra pounds! She said it’s weight she’s okay with putting on because she felt good about herself. She knows she’s beautiful whether she’s very skinny or has more cushion (good for hugs :) I know it’s very difficult to overcome any negative thoughts you have about yourself especially around your body, but would you rather be sad eating a bowl of lettuce or happy eating a Big Mac? I know my answer ahahaha!

In this Lockdown, try not to think too much into how your eating or spending your days. It’s turning all of us into emotional wrecks, we have so much free time now that we spend reliving past situations and overanalysing everything. Use this time to go for walks, eat good and start up a new hobby. As long as your happy in yourself and the person you are, do not worry about whether you’ve gone up a few sizes in your favourite pair of TopShop jeans. We’re girls, we’re designed to be over thinkers and very emotional but if your feeling down or your finding it hard during these very annoying times, reach out to your friends because 99.9% of us are all feeling the same. Given the current situation, I think we’re all doing ourselves proud, keep going! We will see better days :)

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