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Situationship to Boyfriend

My blog has been completely silent for the past few months, i had the most needed break ever and have come back a whole new person (might even change my name lol) :) My intentions were to continue writing when i got over my writer's block and in the midst of it, i realised my new subject (not exactly new), was right in front of me the whole time!

My blog has always been about empowerment and learning to love yourself, it was also like having a thousand other friends to moan about boys with. If you haven't realised by now, my poor blog victim for the past two years is now my boyfriend and lucky for him, has been for a while! It feels so weird even now reading back to those blogs and we often laugh at just how brutal i was lol. Now it is only right that now his like a saint and a surprisingly really good boyfriend, i stopped slagging him off and told you all about my new found bestfriend.

Girls i bet we can all relate that situationships are unbearable. The success rate of a relationship at the end is little to none, we almost sacked each other off for good! Growing up, my parents were divorced and as much as i had lots of love around me, i lost my affectionate side over the years and wow has Ethan been a godsend. Having a boyfriend who not only supports anything and everything you do is one thing but having a boyfriend who is unbelievably patient with you is another. I was so skeptical about being with him at first (poor boy had to graft) however, i have never been more happier than i am with him. Healthy love is so refreshing, no arguments, lots of communication and just spending quality time together. I always knew we were a dynamic duo <3

A few months ago, i quit my job and needed a confidence boost to set me on the right path, whenever i lose faith in myself, Ethan's working the compliments full time. I could look like Shrek and he could still make me feel like a victoria secrets angel haha! That's the thing with relationships, i now wonder why i was so scared in the first place! I have the best time when i'm with him and then i miss him when i'm not, at first i thought 'ew stop so cringe' but i guess that's what happens when you love someone. I used to look at soppy couples and repulse, now i completely get the hype lol! Even when he got into University, i was so proud of him and now when he passes his assignments, i find myself more excited than he is. This blog was made almost two years ago for the purpose of having somewhere to go and share my thoughts and it always will be, but now i have someone to go too whenever i need him. I hardly have any sad days anymore and even if i felt the slightest bit off, it wouldn't last long (i suppose his quite funny). We have a few trips booked this year together, which even now i look back at this time last year and we probably had each other blocked haha! How times have changed :)

Since last summer, i have become a whole better version of myself and as much as it has been from my own mindset; he has been an angel in disguise and i will always be grateful for the encouragement at times when i needed it the most. The little nerd with the mohawk in year 7 i fancied has actually turned out to be quite alright (trust me there were some doubts lol). My skins cleared, my hairs got longer and i've gained some relationship weight, i feel the best i have in years! Now don't get me wrong, at the start we had some minor problems and people must have thought i was crazy. The best thing i ever did was ignore them and find out for myself, my happiness didn't make sense to everybody but i sure hope it does now!

This has been a weird blog for me and definitely something different from my usual posts! It was about time i shared just how lucky i have got and how happy i have become. Eventually, we came back together when we had grown and now we are experiencing this crazy world together! Just to reiterate i am still an independent, thriving bitch and this post will be my one and only post of weakness lol :) You definitely notice when you have someone genuine around you and even now, i thank my lucky stars I found him, he is definitely one in a million and i’m so grateful for him!

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