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My 2020 Reflection.

This year has been eventful to say the least. I've been the centre of situations I never thought imaginable and experienced things more realistic in a book or a movie. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I cannot wait for this year to be over and done with. A year full of a lot of downs and a handful of ups.

My 2020 started off with two trips to Rome and Amsterdam. I was truly living my best life especially since i turned eighteen in February. My little brain couldn't contain the excitement i felt for how much alcohol i was going to consume and places i would visit over the next few months. Sadly, i didn't visit any places but on a brighter note, the alcohol still came flowing lol. I never thought i would experience a global pandemic but hey ho, life surprises you often. For someone who didn't really enjoy socialising anyway, i found being at home 24/7 extremely hard. My boredom led to me starting my blog and thank god i did, the opportunities i have received have been amazing and i have honestly reaped the benefits of my hard work lol. As well as finding my love for writing, i have found new friends and become a social butterfly. From the bottom of my heart, i am so grateful to be happy, healthy and safe in this crazy, crazy world. I hope everybody has managed to find some positive from this year, even if it is something small, I'm pleased to hear it wasn't all bad.

This has been a horrible year, from the pandemic itself to #BLM and many other important movements. As someone who wishes for the world to finally be at peace, i felt so strongly about the Black lives matter movement not only for myself but for my friends and family who are treated differently and without respect. So much progress has been made since the start and as much as that is fantastic news, the fight still goes on and until everybody is comfortable in this big world, we must implement the change others seek for themselves. 2020 was just the beginning of a promising new society and I'm excited to see changes in motion. This year was also a huge year for mental health and making sure we truly are kind to others. Mental health has seen a huge rise especially since the pandemic begun and i hope you are all checking in on your friends and family. Nobody should suffer alone!

For me this year has been a huge eye opener. Scenarios i could have only ever heard of, i have been the forefront of. I have felt every single emotion possible and struggled myself with asking for help or advice when I needed it. The biggest life lesson i have taken from this year is that even things you think can't happen to you, can happen to you and in ways you never expected. People i thought i would always have in my life, ended up doing me dirty and i made sure to cut them off lol. One thing i hate is how forgiving i am and how much i try to see the good in everyone. I leave myself open to disrespect every time and as much as i can forgive a person for their actions, i can still dislike the person they were when they made those decisions. Even situations where i have invested so much of myself into it can come to an end abruptly. I've had my fair share of bad news and for someone who is very family orientated, this has been so hard on me and i am so glad that things are looking up and each day we edge closer to the normal and i wish more than ever to hug my grandparents. (even if my grandad wears different patterns and colours together and my nan is an extreme couponer lol!) Never ever will i take the smaller things in life for granted because long term, they are the things i will always remember.

Overall, my year as well as most of the country has been very weird. This year has taught me a lot about how important family and friends are and when you find yourself in a global pandemic, they are the people who will guide you through it and help keep you sane. It has been so beautiful seeing everybody come together and supporting each other through these difficult times. I have realised that growth is a huge part of coming to the end of this year. You can outgrow someone faster than you can grow with them and sometimes ending things with them is easier than trying to salvage what has already gone. Next year i will remain the same Chloe i have always been just with a thicker skin and a viligiant mind. As much as it has been an awful year, i always try to look for the positives and self reflecting has left me with so much more to give next year. I hope everybody has the best Christmas and New Years Eve or at least tries to given the circumstances :( My blogs will be so much more consistent next year with exciting new projects to come! This year cannot end quick enough and i don't want to dwell anymore on anything that has made me sad. Don't let short term negativity affect you forever. It has only made me stronger and given me a whole new found confidence. The last few months i have become the better version of myself and I'm ready now for her to move on completely and learn more about herself in the upcoming year. We've got this!

Best wishes to all of you!

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