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Life update (if you care lol)

After a few months off, I have finally started blogging again. Its feels so weird that now after every minor inconvenience in my life, my notes app will now be back up and running lol!

A lot has changed in the last few months and the tone of my blogs will be so different. I can no longer write about idiot boys and being single because lucky for him (deffo not me lol) I now have a boyfriend. Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Just a few months ago, I would have shuddered at the thought of a relationship and losing my independence however, I completely underestimated how exciting it would be. I won’t lie to you; having a boyfriend is scary! Be prepared to say goodbye to flirting with boys, tinder and all the fun single stuff :) The funny thing is, I could never imagine myself in a relationship especially with this boy of all people (situationship vibes) but, we’ve worked out to be a dynamic duo and I like it more than I realised. Nine years a bit late but I’m sure we can let him off :)

So many exciting things are happening in the next few months and of course, ‘Freedom Day’ *where I can use my new tiktok dance moves in the club ;) Life is seeing some normality again and it’s nice to see everyone happier. I’ve definitely had the craziest year, with many positives and a lot more negatives however, I am the strongest believer that everything happens for a reason and for that, I am forever grateful that I am where I need to be. The friends and family I have are blessings in themselves and have made every negative miniscule.

This blog was nothing special, just a heads up that I’m back, better than ever and will be gracing you with my weird, way too in-depth blogs lol! Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed and now I’ve had my time off to figure out who I am and learn to love myself, they will just get a lot better.

Thank you for reading my blogs and leaving likes, comments etc. Some of my best opportunities have come from this page and I’m so excited to write about anything and everything again ahahaha! Until the next time….

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